[ubuntu-in] This is about Ubuntu Indian Members..

Jayanth S jayanth at amonks.in
Tue Oct 30 11:30:50 GMT 2007

On 10/30/07, Bhavani Shankar R <right2bhavi at gmail.com> wrote:
> I was saddened by the cannons thrown on me so I said I ll wrap up if the
> others dont like it... I ll change the team name to Karnataka team and I ll
> go on with my ideas about kannada localisation... and about my other ideas..
> I want to explain it to you guys precisely.. SO I want a couple of keen ears
> to listen on the irc.. I will come on the irc tommorow night at10.00 pm
> ist.. where I will be discussing about the same...
> Looking forward to your support
> Bhavani Shankar.
> On 10/30/07, Jayanth S <jayanth at amonks.in> wrote:
> > I'm all up for Kannada Localisation of Ubuntu.. BUt i guess it could
> > have been done without having to split groups and take sides.. Anyways, I
> > still think you were quite Kiddish in wrapping everything up.. Because that
> > just shows that you werent serious enough about it.. Coming up with a
> > satisfactory explaination for what you had done would have helped..
> >
> > To give you an example, a Kannada Local Team for Ubuntu would have made
> > more sense than a Bangalore Ubuntu Users or somthing like that.. Set your
> > purposes straight and i guess people will appreciate it.. And there is NO
> > NEED for seperate communities for each and every thing.. YOu would have the
> > support and help from a much experienced and strong team when you stick to
> > one list(This List For Example)..
> >
> > You want to help the Ubuntu Community, that i appreciate, but the
> > Know-It-All is somthing which will regress more..
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Again, YOu're not getting my point.. Discuss all your TEam stuff here..
YOu'll get more support from members who have more experience in what you
are trying to achieve... I would really think its best to dissolve the
karnataka team, use this common channel/medium to achieve Kannada

"Impossible Is Nothing"
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