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Lut4rp lut4rp at techjugaad.com
Wed Oct 17 10:12:15 BST 2007

> 1. Old team members feel that wiki is the way to go. I am one of them.
> New team members feel that some CMS like Drupal is the way to go.
> 2. Old team members feel we should use existing infrastructure and
> make Ubuntu-IN website as beautiful as possible.
> New team members feel that existing infrastructure is not flexible enough.
> 3. Old team members feel that there isn't enough contribution to content.
> New team members feel that old members are ranting.

The new team members are not saying no-wiki! We want a mixed solution like
the one that exists on ubuntu.com. A framework like Drupal will help us in
the long run. A totally wiki based solution is too geeky. And I am sure we
dont think that the old members are ranting. Its a critical overhaul and in
the best interest of everybody, such a decision is bound to recieve all
sorts of viewpoints!

1. The reason behind many pages being locked is a bot attack that
> happened long time ago. Please contact me on #ubuntu-in and I will
> unlock specific pages.

I did not know that MediaWiki had insecurity to this level, or that the
SysAdmins did not utilise the security to the max. Drupal is a highly-secure
platform. I have never heard of a Drupal website under attack.

3. We are using very old version of Mediawiki, 1.5. So I think it is
> better to look into upgrade of the software to 1.7. This will enable
> us to install some plugins for calendar, captcha etc. Having a
> calendar is the most importanmt thing now. And having a captcha
> mechanism will prevent bot attacks in future. G0SUB please take up
> this task or provide us the necessary information needed for this
> upgrade.

The members with the provision to access the server are not doing their part
of responsibility. I looked up the version of MediaWiki on the Ubuntu india
website. We are on 1.5 and the latest stable build is 1.11

4. This is call for new contributors to try using existing
> infrastructure. Let's say we try it for next 6 months. If it doesn't
> work out then we can consider other solutions.

Nothing is going to change in 6 months, very sorry if I am being rude. It
shall only add to the straining infrastructure. Even after few years of
establishment, the community doesnt have many members.

5. Sine most of the old members are busy with their jobs and personal
> lives, I think it is time to pass on the admin rights to new members.
> We can have a meeting on this weekend on #ubuntu-in to decide who
> administrates what.

Now thats a nice idea. I hope the senior members will take some step in this
direction. We should have such a structure that people who feel they are not
getting enough time can gracefully exit the admin responsibilities.


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