[ubuntu-in] bug(s) or what

sharad sharadg at yahoo-inc.com
Mon Nov 26 14:13:27 GMT 2007

ramnarayan.k at gmail.com wrote:
> Hi
> First Bug (or some problem)
> Everytime i insert an external usb disk (pen drive, external harddisk 
> etc) the icon that pops up automatically usually (often but not always) 
> hides behind an existing icon on the desktop.
> Second problem - while trying to unmount a external usb pen drive, hard 
> disk i get the error "unable to eject device" everytime. Initially i 
> thought it was becuase some operation was in progress but this happens 
> even if all the windows and any operations have been completed.

I also face the same issue when I try umounting my ipod. I nowadays go 
for umount rather than using the "eject" option.

> any ideas.
> thanks
> ram
> PS - people might wonder why i am not googling, well the problem is am 
> subsisting on an internet connection that varies between 16 to 25 kbps 
> and its difficult to browse always.


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