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June Bug junegeek at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 31 14:40:31 BST 2007

I have a couple of old version CDs... 5.10 in which there is a Live as well as Install CD.... although I'm in Pune. If anyone can collect it, it'd be great. 

June aka Sneha 

Roshan <d_rosh2001 at yahoo.co.in> wrote: 
> Dear Sir / Madam
> I am writing to you from Mumbai, and am interested
> in
> using Ubuntu Linux. I was wondering how could I
> obtain
> installation and "live" CD's for Ubuntu Linux.

Now, Ubuntu CD's (AFAIK) come with a combination of
LIVE and installable in one CD. (guess, from 6.06
> I am a student and I use Windows on a regular basis.
> I
> have read a lot about Ubuntu linux and would like to
> give it a try. I have also read a lot about how
> expensive Windows Vista can be to have and to
> upgrade.
> I even have to upgrade my hardware on my PC and
> laptop. So I have decided to abandon Windows and
> embrace the open source Linux.

For you curriculum, I guess, you'll still have to
stick to Windows, but you can always do that in
College. At home you can use Free and Open Source
Software (Apart from the fact that you can use

> Can you guide me as to how do I obtain Ubuntu (both
> the CD's)?? I wouuld appreciate any guidance.

I'm in Mumbai and can help you obtain the CD's after
10th of April 2007. Let me know whether you want 6.06
/ 6.10. 
My email id, just in case, you aren't able to find out
from the headers ;)  ;) 
d_rosh2001 at yahoo dot co dot in

If you are further interested in Ubuntu, visit the
Ubuntu-India main page http://www.ubuntu-in.org and
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You can also check out the following page that will
probably help you get to someone closer to your suburb

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