[ubuntu-in] Package management crashed - How to re-install

Francis Bosco ifrbose at gmail.com
Wed Jun 13 13:58:35 BST 2007

I tried to Install PostgreSql in my Ubuntu6.10 Edgy system from downloaded
deb packages from packages.ubuntu.com, there was one dependancy package
called postgresql-commom. when i installed that package, it was infinite
time not got completed so i cancelled that process.

Thereafter i am not able to install any other packages using GDebi, Synaptic
or aptitude. all those components showing error like postgresql-common needs
to be re-installed. I can't even install postgresql-common package too.

How can i reinstall that package management system lonely or i have to
re-install the whole system.

Since i have no internet connection in my pc, i have downloaded those
packages in a browsing center and used Gdebi installer to install them
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