[ubuntu-in] My Saga of upgrading Dapper to Edgy

RajaSekhar Yeruva ysrajasekharreddy at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 31 05:31:06 GMT 2006

Thanks Anurag for your feedback and suggestions. So
far I installed it on 4 machines. I dont see any major
issues. Except the a creative Webcam everything seemed
to detect and work out of the box. Even the Wireless
card/media keys/card reader on HP laptop seems to work
fine. I also feel the best way to upgrade is
dist-upgrade with little hassle. But its a single step
process to keep all your existing settings. and
upgrade to latest versions of your existing programs.
You may encounter minor problems if you tweaked your
system too much for custom kernels and go away from
std repos.

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<anurag at web.gnuer.org> wrote:
> Hi RajaSekhar,
> On 10/30/06, RajaSekhar Yeruva
<ysrajasekharreddy at xxxxxx> wrote:
> > download it again. I copied all the .deb present
> > the CD to /var/cache/apt/archies/ folder. By
> > all are read-only, So, I gave 777 permissions to
> > the debs in the directory. (Not sure if its the
> > correct thing to do But my R&D shows this method
> > actually works).
> ``$ chmod a+r *.deb''  should have worked. There's
no point giving
> execute permissions to dead non-executable files.
Even giving write
> permission makes no difference.
> > Two instances of dist upgrade is required for
> > to install. Now I crossed my fingers and rebooted
> > system to discover that my x server crashed. That
> > system was having a via graphics chip. After
> > googling with txt browser elinks I managed to find
> > fix.
> Cool! that's the way to keep fighting it out :)
> > One its done I rebooted again. I could have simply
> > typed startx command.
> no, you could have typed ``sudo /etc/init.d/gdm
> > Conclusions:
> > 1. Best way to upgrade is to do a fresh install.
> If you are doing a fresh install then that cannot be
called an
> upgrade. Debian's apt provides powerful mechanism of
dist-upgrades and
> we should try using it only. It saves lot of time if
you have several
> packages already installed on the system. Though
yes, one has to be
> ready for some adventures :)
> > 4. Many people say backup your important personal
> > files. I don't see a reason to do it. At the most
> > will only screw up the x server or some device
> I dont quite agree with it. If you have data and if
it means something
> to you, then just take a backup without giving false
justifications to
> oneself.
> > There is no way t can wipe out your hard disk. So,
> > is safe you continue with out backing up. Worst
> I remember a friend of mine managed to erase his
entire home directory
> while compiling kde packages. i cannot emphasise
> > Suggestion:
> > 1. Plan a weekend to do upgrade.
> Not necessarily, I upgraded 4 machines in 5 hours by
setting up a
> local ``apt-cacher'' server :)
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