[ubuntu-in] How to connect to the internet ???

Aman Mehta ferro160cc at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 14 13:22:55 GMT 2006

I am using Ubuntu 6.0.06 LTS. I have installed in and the OS works just fine. but d problem i m facing right now is tht i cant connect 2 d internet. 

The configuration of my system n d modem r:
processor : Intel P4
Mother board: Intel chipset.
Ram: 256.
Modem: USB port - Reliance LG LSI 110.

I hav tried d followin process as suggested 2 me by a friend of mine:


Modem= /dev/ttyACM0
Baud= 115200
DialCommand= ATDT
FlowControl= Hardware(CRTSCTS)
[Dialer R]
Username= my phone number
Password= my phone number
Phone= #777
Stupid Mode= 1
Inherits= Modem0

2. edit following file as follow 
service named start

3. Sudo wvdial R

I used d sudo in d terminal n executed d above n d output was tht it was diallin but on d phone's screen it shows "Call Failed - Data services unavilable".

The output in the screen is 

--> Modem intialized.
--> sending: ATDT#777
__> Waiting for carrier.
-->No carrier! trying again.
--> sending: ATDT#777
__> Waiting for carrier.

This keeps repeating.

I press CTRL+C n d system shows

Caught Signal 2:  Attepting to exit gracefully...
No carrier.

I have given d details but yet some more info is required thn pls mail me in this id.

thanking u.
Dharmesh Mehta.

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