[ubuntu-in] The Community Stucture

Anurag anurag at gnuer.org
Tue Mar 28 07:13:43 BST 2006

Sometime on Fri, Mar 24, 2006 at 11:30:01PM +0600, vid said:
> Please explain how does discussing things openly on the list become a
> grievance. This Ubuntu-IN list exists precisely to discuss matters
> pertaining to the Ubuntu-IN team and team structure or policy matters
> which are an important part of this team. In the absence of IRC logs
> this is the only way to maintain transcripts of community discussions.
>  Also, Ubuntu-IN can have people from all over the world
> participating, so please keep in mind that IRC is real time and
> everybody cannot participate in every discussion due to timezone

IRC discussions are very quick and yield results within a short span
of time, as opposed to mailing lists which take days to discuss and
reach a consensus. IRC discussions also have this property of
shielding flame wars.

> differences and personal work / life, etc... So, it will be highly
> appreciated if important decisions made on IRC get summarised on this
> list after the discussion so that people who aren't online know what's
> going on.

That's precisely what i meant. 

> Ubuntu-IN has to ensure that projects are independent of the persons
> working on them so newcomers should be encouraged to assume
> responsibility and sufficient mentoring should be provided to them in
> a way that allows them to evolve as contributors to Ubuntu. Hence

Allright that solves the problem. I'm ready to mentor if there's a
need for it.

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