[ubuntu-in] Introducing... myself :)

Baishampayan Ghose b.ghose at gnu.org.in
Wed Mar 15 07:32:50 GMT 2006

Hey Carthik!
> I am Carthik, and am doing my Ph.D. in computer engineering at the
> Univ. of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida.  I write documentation,
> bug reports for Ubuntu, and have been using it since Sept 2004.  I
> would love to be of service to Ubuntu-IN for obvious reasons. I can be
> of help in creating DVDs with the entire repo on it - is there any
> interest in this? I just want to be of help, and no, I won't be able
> to help too much with l10n stuff.
Nice to have you on board! Well, you are most welcome in helping us
with documentation and other stuff. Ubuntu-IN is not just about l10n
btw, although that's certainly one of our goals. At the moment we are
more focussed on polishing the Indic packages in Ubuntu for the
upcoming Dapper release which as you know has been delayed by six
weeks. We are trying to make the most out of this extra time we have
got by integrating world class Indic support into Dapper. After that
we are looking at rolling out a Indic specific distro right from the
Ubuntu repos. You can certainly be of great help there.

> Please let me know if I can do something that you guys would find
> difficult to do, or even otherwise...
Yep, it'd be great to have you with us. Please come to #ubuntu-in @
irc.freenode.net to hang out with us and participate in the
Have a nice day Carthik!

Baishampayan Ghose
Free Software Foundation of India
b.ghose at gnu.org.in

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