So I'm moving away....

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Tue Sep 2 08:51:50 UTC 2014

just a thought as there is sometimes little bouts of quietness on here
and in the team, it seems like this would be a good time to have two
people lead the team covering different geographic regions and also
two people driving the team makes more sense at times.  This is also
done in other locoteams and shares the workload. 
So what I propose is Andru and Mike both lead ubuntu-IE :) 

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	 Hi All,

 Congrats again Rory on the new job and I wish you the very best of
Luck with this exciting move.

 I see Andru Quinn has expressed interest in taking over the Ubuntu
Ireland POC role.  For what it's worth I'd be very happy either way. 

 Does anyone else have any interest in this?  If not I feel we can
leave it to Rory and Andru to sort.



 On 18/08/2014 20:03, Rory McCann wrote:

	Hi all, As some of your may know, I'm moving country. I'm still
currently the Point of Contact for the Ubuntu Ireland Local Community.
I'm willing to keep doing what's required from abroad if needed. But
does anyone want to step forward and take on the mantel of being the
official PoC? It might be a good opportunity to for someone to make a
name for themselves, or if someone wants to inject new ideas? What do
people think? Rory  

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