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You may not be able to buy a ubuntu pc, but you have a legal right to claim back your 'Windows Tax'
This is because you are refusing to accept the Microsoft terms and conditions.This refund is from the Manufacture of the pc, 
 I tried to claim it back on a windows starter but original i emailed them and they didnt get back to be with the form  and i sent a letter to the wrong address(before I got the email), and well, I was a fiver and i just forgot about it.

see -

here is the email i recived when i asked asus. It also included these attachments

The email gave an attachment with a form and to give you a summary of the prices
Windows 7, home,pro and unlimited was € 33 € 42 € 57 respectfully. However it was a lot more if you lived in France for some reason
Hope it Helps. ( I can send on the forms i got from asus , If you considering buying an asus.


Dear Barry.

The request must be within 14 days of the purchase and a proof of purchase needs to be provided.
You are
not eligible for a refund if……………….

the user has installed the operating system and registered with Microsoft

COA (Certificate of Authenticity from Microsoft) label is broken

The Recovery CD/DVD seal is broken

The Proof of purchase is unavailable or out of the defined period

 you think you qualify please print, complete and sign the attached 
forms and send back to the below address. Please ignore the parts of the
 form which ask you for an RMA
 number as this will be issued when the completed forms are received.
The refund amount will also be confirmed at a later date once we know which license you hold.
Hemel One
Boundary Way
Hemel Hempstead
HP2 7YU"

> Folks,
> Can anybody tell me where in Ireland I can source computers with UBUNTU
> pre installed - not Windows.
> According to 2 major retail shops there is no supplier in Ireland.
> Curries/PCWorld apparently have a contract with Microsoft not to offer
> Linux systems.
> It is apparently illegal in Ireland to sell a computer without an
> operating system installed.
> At least one retailer is eager to stock UBUNTU computers. Presently he
> buy units with windows pre-installed, paying for windows then have to
> wipe it - a waste of money and unreasonable profit for Microsoft.
> -- 
> Andries vanTonder
>   ><>
> 37 Delmere, Enfield, Co. Meath
> Home: (046) 954 9748
> Mobile: 087 977 4515

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