Should we have a Reboot Meeting?

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Mon Jan 7 07:50:47 UTC 2013

Classic new year entry error for date in below mail. Clearly my suggested date and time is Wednesday 06 Feb 13 at 20:30.

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Subject: Should we have a Reboot Meeting?

Hi All,

Following on from my response to Barrys' e-mail, I'd like to reiterate 
my bold call for an Irish LoCo Team REBOOT IRC meeting in our IRC 
channel on Wednesday 06 Feb 12 at say 20:30?  What are LoCo members 
thoughts on this?

Is the Date Suitable? Is the Time Suitable?

Regardless of date or time I would hope for a large attendance at any 
REBOOT meeting.  If a positive response is forthcoming to the idea of 
holding this meeting I will set the time and date based on the 
responses.  I'd encourage all to reply and if you have any questions on 
how to join the meeting please, please, please just ask by replying to 
this mail on this mailing list.



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