Reminder: Ubuntu Ireland LoCo Team Reboot Meeting on Wednesday!

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Wed Feb 6 11:21:02 UTC 2013

Hi all,
I am still in hospital so I definately cannot make it to the Ubuntuie LoCo reboot meeting this evening. I am disappointed about this.  I still very much hope it will be a very productive meeting with decisions bei g made that will see our LoCo prosper for years to come.  Having briefly  chatted Laura Czajkowski on irc yesterday I believe she will be actively steering the meeting.  It is great that we will have Laura's wisdom for the meeting and I thank her for helping out yet again.  When last I looked at the agenda it was lacking discussion topics.  I think the following should be discussed.
Who is interested in keeping the LoCo active
Who wants to participate
What will we do (I was going to suggest small steps with a focus on fewer events than before organised and advertised better with a lot of advanced warning.

Plenty of other stuff to discuss also.  Have a great meeting. 


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Hi Everyone,

A friendly reminder....

Our LoCo Team Reboot IRC meeting will take place this Wednesday (06 Feb 13) at 20:30 local time.  I sincerely hope we will have a good active discussion about how we can keep our LoCo active into the future. All ideas and suggestions are welcome.  If you are interested in Ubuntu and the Ubuntu Ireland LoCo Team I encourage you to participate in this meeting.  You can contribute as much or as little as you like but please do get involved.

I’d also ask you all to spread the news of this reboot meeting as widely as possible in all social media streams.  If you know someone who might be interested but who is not subscribed to this mailing list please tell them about the meeting.

Details of the meeting can be found at:

Anyone can add an agenda item.  If you’d like to add an agenda item just log on to the LoCo Team Portal yourself or reply to this mail and I will add it for you.

Kind Regards,

Mike O'Donohue

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