Any appetite for an Ubuntu Ireland Team Reboot?

Patrick Magill pmagill at
Fri Nov 16 19:25:54 UTC 2012

On 16/11/12 17:03, Mike O'Donohue wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> Back in August and September we had a mailing list discussion 
> regarding the state of the Irish LoCo.  The details of what was said 
> can be found in our mailing list archive at:
> There appeared to be a general desire to keep the LoCo going. However, 
> it is clear that activity has dramatically decreased from late 2011 
> and throughout 2012.
> Personally, I was re-energised by attending Skycon back in October and 
> I have been pondering what could we do next.
> I'd like to put forward a few ideas in this mail that were suggested 
> earlier, both on the mailing list and during face to face discussions.
> 1) Quarterly meetings to get us started again.  Timing is important 
> here to fit in nicely with the release cycle.  I'd suggest meetings in 
> February,  May,  August and November.  The February and August 
> meetings should discuss LoCo activities concerning the next release.
> 2) I think we should keep the release parties going.  Try different 
> things.  Even if it is just the few regulars the release is a great 
> excuse for a social meetup.
> 3) What do we do with Global Jams?  Not being in any way geeky I don't 
> know about this one, I certainly can't drive it.  I would like to see 
> them continuing but only if we are participating in a real way.  At a 
> minimum I think we should participate in every Jam before an LTS 
> release.  I would like us to plan much  better for the Global Jams and 
> have more structure to the days.
> 4) Other social activities.  As people see opportunities just make 
> suggestions on the mailing list.
> 5) Getting the word out.  By in large we have lost contact with many 
> of the colleges around the country. Are there people active in College 
> life subscribed to this mailing list?
> 6) Reapproval (due by 30 Jun 13). This one is purely my personal 
> opinion. Let it lapse.  I don't think we have done enough to justify 
> it.  Lets just see if we can build momentum again and consider going 
> for reapproval at a later stage.
> There are likely many other items and ideas to consider but I think 
> the above 6 are high on the priority list.
> So what do you think? Is there any appetite for an Ubuntu Ireland Team 
> Reboot?  What other ideas/concerns do you have?
> Kind Regards,
> Mike O'Donohue
Would this be inclusive of those in the North? If so then I'm in :-)
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