Any appetite for an Ubuntu Ireland Team Reboot?

Mike O'Donohue airurando at
Fri Nov 16 17:03:32 UTC 2012

Hi Everyone,

Back in August and September we had a mailing list discussion regarding 
the state of the Irish LoCo.  The details of what was said can be found 
in our mailing list archive at:

There appeared to be a general desire to keep the LoCo going. However, 
it is clear that activity has dramatically decreased from late 2011 and 
throughout 2012.

Personally, I was re-energised by attending Skycon back in October and I 
have been pondering what could we do next.

I'd like to put forward a few ideas in this mail that were suggested 
earlier, both on the mailing list and during face to face discussions.

1) Quarterly meetings to get us started again.  Timing is important here 
to fit in nicely with the release cycle.  I'd suggest meetings in 
February,  May,  August and November.  The February and August meetings 
should discuss LoCo activities concerning the next release.

2) I think we should keep the release parties going.  Try different 
things.  Even if it is just the few regulars the release is a great 
excuse for a social meetup.

3) What do we do with Global Jams?  Not being in any way geeky I don't 
know about this one, I certainly can't drive it.  I would like to see 
them continuing but only if we are participating in a real way.  At a 
minimum I think we should participate in every Jam before an LTS 
release.  I would like us to plan much  better for the Global Jams and 
have more structure to the days.

4) Other social activities.  As people see opportunities just make 
suggestions on the mailing list.

5) Getting the word out.  By in large we have lost contact with many of 
the colleges around the country. Are there people active in College life 
subscribed to this mailing list?

6) Reapproval (due by 30 Jun 13). This one is purely my personal 
opinion. Let it lapse.  I don't think we have done enough to justify 
it.  Lets just see if we can build momentum again and consider going for 
reapproval at a later stage.

There are likely many other items and ideas to consider but I think the 
above 6 are high on the priority list.

So what do you think? Is there any appetite for an Ubuntu Ireland Team 
Reboot?  What other ideas/concerns do you have?

Kind Regards,

Mike O'Donohue

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