The Roadmap for our reapproval application.

Mike O'Donohue airurando at
Sun Jun 19 18:07:19 UTC 2011

Hi Everyone,

With the help of Laura I've thrown together a non-technical, very rough
draft roadmap for our reapproval application.  I'm puting it out on the
mailing list looking for feedback.  Suggested Amendments, Additions and
deletions will be considered.  We will be adding the roadmap to the
reapproval application on Monday evening.

Remember, our reapproval D-Day is this coming Tuesday.

Proposed Roadmap


This group is for anyone in the Republic of Ireland who uses or is
interested in all flavours of Ubuntu, whether it's Ubuntu, Kubuntu,
Xubuntu or any other variation. This group caters for people of all
technical abilities from the person who has never heard of linux or
Ubuntu to a kernel developer. 

We plan to build on the momentum we have generated since our initial
approval by continuing with our ongoing efforts as outlined in the
Experience section of this application and also working on the

Advocacy and Education

Build on the relationships we have developed with College computer
Socities and City Hackerspaces with a view to participating in joint
events which would promote Ubuntu.  These events may include barcamps,
workshops and similar events. Collaboration with these other groups
has worked out well in the past by providing venues, speakers and also
a way to distribute the locoteam cd allocation.

Website development

Update the website and add functionality. (it would be great if someone
could flesh this out a bit) we have obtained hosting sponsorship from
XXX and we have members working on a new theme for our site, we share
roles out in the team and this was one way for a member(s) to
contribute back to the Ubuntu-ie community 

Community Best Practise

We try and encourage all user groups to come to our events, and educate
them on Ubuntu and how to get involved in a constructive and open arm
invitation, there is no user group not welcome and we encourage a
diverse range of members to interact be it at a social level at our
Ubuntu hours, geeknicks or on irc and mailing lists. Be vigilant of
Best Practises within the LoCo network and implement strategies and
initiatives which we believe will have a positive impact having given
due consideration to our own circumstances.

Ideas and feedback would be most welcome.

Kind Regards

Mike O'Donohue,

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