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Gary Smith imgarysmith at gmail.com
Thu Jun 17 13:59:29 BST 2010

Hello all :-D

I am emailing with an idea of an Ubuntu-IE netcast (podcast). I think this
would be a very fun project that will benefit both people creating the
content and people consuming it. My ideas are a tips netcast which gives the
viewer/listener ideas on how to customize and make the most out of their
Ubuntu install. We can have regular releases but to save time we can record
them all at once, eg, two releases a week but record the episodes once a
month. I think a news netcast is alot of work considering how regular it has
to be but there is always a possibility of a special netcast for new
releases etc. There is also the decision of audio, video or both. This is
only a small idea and it will need to grow before it becomes a reality. If
anybody has any ideas or criticism, please add it to this email.

Thanks for taking the time to read this email.

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