Global Jam - An Irish slant

Laura Czajkowski laura at
Thu Jan 21 18:35:40 GMT 2010


It's me again.....

Ubuntu has a Global Jam, mind way through a release cycle to encourage
participation in working on bugs, translations, documentation, cleaning
up of the wikis. In the past Ireland has run them.  I'd hope this year
would be no different.

At the 1st Ubuntu Hour we were discussing getting more groups involved
in a day like this, so it's not just focused on Ubuntu, by asking other
dev groups to take part.  Perhaps making the global jam section of the
event more structured would be a good idea, so that we spent 2 hrs on
topics or work in teams. I'd be interested in hearing ideas.  Ideally we
might run this in the trinity capital hotel as there is space, but we
would definitely need to confirm numbers as the room I'd be looking to
get sponsored. There is free wifi there.

Thoughts please....


Skype: lauraczajkowski

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