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Laura Czajkowski laura at lczajkowski.com
Tue Jun 2 16:13:15 BST 2009

Following on from UDS discussion last week, I’d like to know what folks
would like to hear on fridge or news items coming from other LoCo’s.

What is trying to be done is more interaction, as in we know what we do  in
Ireland, but it might be nice to see what’s going on across the pod in UK,
Itlaly, Spain. What events they run,  something different to ours, but would
give us new ideas.  What they do for a Jam, Release party, maybe going to
the cinema outing, a geeknic. 

Basically how best we can share this knowledge with other LoCos.  I was
working on a separate idea which will hopefully work back into this for all
LoCo’s and with the LoCo directly we should be able to see all teams out

Again, lets use this mailing list to get some feed back going, and general

skype: lauraczajkowski

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