re old computers

Rory McCann rory at
Tue Jul 1 10:10:02 BST 2008

Meriel Murrdock wrote:
> Peter Donegan's blog on his website says UBUNTU is looking for donations 
> of old computers - but gives no details - it's taken me quite a while to 
> get to you - am I on to the correct person?
> If so - firstly you might get him to add some sort of contact number 
> &/or address.
> Do you collect or do we deliver. I am in the North wicklow area - 
> where's nearest?
> Please let me know either way.

Hi Meriel,

I didn't see that blog post, I'd be interested in reading it.

There might be a slight confusion between Camara ( 
and the Irish Ubuntu Team ( As Tim mentioned 
Camara is an Irish charity that takes second hand PCs and sends them to 
schools in Africa. They are always looking for PC donations. More 
details on how to donate PCs are on their website 
( Camara use Ubuntu on their 
PCs and Camara and the Ubuntu Irish Team work close together. Camara was 
kind enough to provide us with some office space in the Camara workshop 
on Thomas Street.


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