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Tim Kersten tim at
Sun Jun 29 23:08:20 BST 2008

Hi Meriel,

Just in case your message goes unanswered by the relevant
person/people, I thought I'd point out what you may be looking for.

"Camara" are an orginisation that:
 * deliver computers to schools throughout Africa.
 * send volunteers to teach technology in Africa.
 * create educational software for schools in Africa.

They look for donations and do a lot of good work. See the links below
for details:

Hope that's of some help!


P.S. Sorry Meriel if you get this twice. Sent it to the wrong address
first time around.

On Sat, Jun 28, 2008 at 2:43 PM, Meriel Murrdock
<merielmurdock at> wrote:
> Peter Donegan's blog on his website says UBUNTU is looking for donations of
> old computers - but gives no details - it's taken me quite a while to get to
> you - am I on to the correct person?
> If so - firstly you might get him to add some sort of contact number &/or
> address.
> Do you collect or do we deliver. I am in the North wicklow area - where's
> nearest?
> Please let me know either way.
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