[ubuntu-hardened] [Precise] Firefox 53. security update - ignored.

daniel curtis sidetripping at gmail.com
Thu Apr 27 10:46:55 UTC 2017


Thank You for an answer and explanations. I've tried to install version 53.
via dpkg(1) utility but there was a couple of problems with dependencies
and unmatched versions etc. Anyway, I regret that Developers was not able
to update Firefox to newest version, due to the number of fixed security

By the way; I think, that there should be some informations about the
reason why Firefox will be not updated in 12.04 LTS. There was only
"ignored" message in e.g. Ubuntu Security Notices (see. 1) or no
information at all (see. 2)

In my private opinion there should be such informations - reason why there
will be no update and so on. But this is just my private point of view.

Thanks, best regards.
1. https://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-security/cve/2017/CVE-2017-5462.html
2. https://lwn.net/Articles/720784/
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