[ubuntu-hardened] USN-1941-1 for 12.04 LTS: Linux kernel vulnerabilities

Daniel Curtis sidetripping at gmail.com
Sun Sep 8 15:31:31 UTC 2013

Hi John

In '/etc/apt/' directory there is 'sources.list' and 'sources.list.save'
At the end of a second file ('*.save') I noticed entries about third-party
developers. This software is not part of Ubuntu, so I think it could not
have any relations with 3.2.0-53 kernel even if  these file was in use.
Anyway in 'sources.list' file there is not any entries about '-proposed'

No John, there is not any entries about when - really - 3.2.0-53 kernel
was installed. '/var/log/apt/history.log' file contains e.g. informations
about Start-Date (2013-09-06), Installed and Upgraded packages. One

* Install: linux-headers-3.2.0-53-generic:i386 (3.2.0-53.81, automatic),
linux-image-3.2.0-53-generic-pae:i386 (3.2.0-53.81) (...),
* Upgrade: linux-headers-generic:i386 (,,
linux-generic:i386 (,, (...)

and so on. On the same day 'libhx509-5-heimdal', 'libkrb5-26-*' or
'libhcrypto4-*' etc. also were updated. It's pretty strange, because
I don't use Kerberos. There is an interesting entry in '/var/log/dmesg'
file (at least for me):

/ Linux version 3.2.0-53-generic (buildd at komainu) (gcc version ...) etc.
Thu Aug 22 21:23:47 UTC 2013 (Ubuntu 3.2.0-53.81-generic 3.2.50)
(...) /

I don't know if it's a valuable information. This whole situation is
strange. Really. I don't know what to do and think about it. Most
important is what You wrote about security implications of this
situation; "it is much more likely to be a configuration error."
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