[ubuntu-hardened] Introduction & question

js at johest.de js at johest.de
Wed Sep 25 10:25:34 UTC 2013

Good morning,

i just joined the list and thought it would be a good idea to introduce 

My name is Joerg Stephan and i am working as systemadministrator and 
security officer for an worldwide operating domain registrar. Ubuntu 
12.04 LTS is our most used operating system. Caused by my position and 
the used os i hoped to find ideas, information and help regarding 
security topics.
Of course i also would like to help to umprove the security of ubuntu.

Now, the question.
I tried to use the ppa provided via the launchpad page, but it seems 
that they are not available for 12.04. Any idea? Or any help needed to 
make it work again?



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