[ubuntu-hardened] Hello and Introduction

Michael J Daniel michael.j.daniel956 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 23 15:21:55 UTC 2012

Hello, my name is Michael Daniel and I want to help make Ubuntu secure.

My current plan is to pick an apparmor bug and work on it.

I get apparmor. I believe the idea implemented by apparmor is the most 
significant idea in computer security since the invention of PKI, and 
the most significant operating system idea since the thread.

That is, the idea that an operating system can and should enforce a rule 
like, "A browser can only down files to this directory, and files in 
this directory can can not modify any executable file. Period." And that 
as a user, I can rely on this safety, with having to be an expert on 

I don't hate anyone, but I am absolutely against anyone wondering 
around, uninvited, in my data, especially strangers and people who want 
to me harm or steal my time, including the government. A man's data is 
his castle.

I have a high level of integrity, make judgments based on the big 
picture, and will not accept a solution that is not beneficial to all.
(Because I know there is a solution beneficial to all, we just have to 
find it.)

There are a lot of things I know, and a lot I don't know. For example,
I understand space and time partitioning, but I don't know a lot of 
details about creating and managing Ubuntu code and packages. Though I 
am willing to learn. Please help me. I love learning.

I am in the Rotary Club of my local community, and recognize this effort 
for what it is, international community service.

I have maintained and operated nuclear reactors, taught all standard 
undergraduate computer science courses, and helped implement loadable 
software on Boeing 787. I earned a masters in computer science at the 
University of Virginia. I can make a meaningful contribution.

I am excited about helping and having my small efforts help make the 
world a better place for millions of people.


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