[ubuntu-hardened] Give users "global control" over applications' outgoing internet connections

sabayon11 sabayon11 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 14 16:45:48 UTC 2011

Quite often on Ubuntu forums starts all over again a topic concerning 
application based firewall:

TuxGuardian - application based firewall

I need an outbound GUI software firewall

I'm sure there are a few more to find, also on Ubuntu brainstorm.

Idea #26902: Give users "global control" over applications' outgoing 
internet connections

Idea #26828: GUI application to manage chroot environment

I wonder what Canonical team thinks about this discussion. Could you 
give any feedback.
I'm a new Ubuntu / Linux user and as many others in my position I find 
it difficult to learn advanced security programs like Apparmor, SElinux, 
and others...
Basically all arguments were presented in those discussions.
I think you are perfectly aware that most new Ubuntu users comes from MS 
windows and would like to have an easy, user friendly application to 
control various aspects of internet security. Besides there are other 
interesting, new security solutions like this on Chrome OS, or not 
developed yet Qubes OS, based on Xen virtualisation, sadbox's.

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