[ubuntu-hardened] security centerin ubuntu

Nils-Christoph Fiedler ncfiedler at gnome.org
Fri Apr 2 14:20:33 BST 2010

hi folks!
i'm not sure whether this is the right group to ask, but is there any
ambition to integrate some kind of "security-center" in ubuntu? i love
this idea, because today security is kind of a patchwork of different
software, partly even not in the repositories of ubuntu, which makes it
difficult for technically less skilled people to protect themselves
accurate and a little annoying for more skilled ones, to install and
setup those software separately. (talking about my personal experience)
with security i mean things like tor, antivirus, firewall / port-
management, user-agent-management in browsers, cryptography and things
like that. a combining and well documented gui for those tasks would be
appreciated, because many users are not familiar with the usage of the
i know that there are some prjects like tiger or secubuntu (which i
guess isnt under development any longer) or selinux out there, but
personally i dont trust selinux because of its history and read about
some issues with it, referring to wrong setups and therefor a loss of
security compared to a fresh installation.
besides that i think there is a lack of "corporate design" or
centralization of software and settings management in ubuntu, because
you dont have one location where to individualize settings, but a
handful of applications for that. (maybe this is also a problem of
what do you think about that?

kind regards,
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