[ubuntu-hardened] SeLinux installation

yossi ozani yossiozani at gmail.com
Wed Oct 29 10:32:44 GMT 2008

Hi All...

I decided to install selinux on my ubuntu 8.04 desktop, but no success.

I am trying, for 2 days,  to install selinux on m*y ubuntu 8.04*, but every
time I failed again.
I install selinux and all the available packages:* libselinux1, checkpolicy,
policycoreutils, selinux-utils, coreutils, procps, sysvinit, dpkg,
libpam-modules, cron, selinux-basics*

1) After installation I reboot, and after it when I run the command, *
sestatus* it tell me that the selinux is *disabled*.
2) in the file* /etc/selinux/config *file the selinux in in "enforcing"
3) when I run selinux command like *newrole* in tell me: *Sorry, newrole may
be used only on a SELinux kernel*

*Note*: the operation above are the only changes that i made.
*Please* if you have any idea why its not working, or what did you do to
make it work I *will appreciate it a lot*.
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