[ubuntu-hardened] From scratch packaging of smack-utils.

David Dodd dako at suddenlink.net
Wed Jul 23 18:36:59 BST 2008

How do we become more involved with this? I am new to this concept, have been running Ubuntu since version 7

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Kees Cook wrote:
> Hi Anthony,
> On Wed, Jul 23, 2008 at 12:14:45PM +0100, Anthony Wrather wrote:
>> Did you find a volunteer to package up the smack-utils ?
> Nobody has volunteered yet.
>> If not then I will do it ?..
> It's all yours!  Have at it.  :)

And a big thank you, too. If you see anything that needs attention
(I think there may be a copywrite issue or three, for example) please
let me know and I'll give it high attention priority. I'm at OLS this
week, but I will be looking for messages on this subject.

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