[ubuntu-hardened] roadmap

Shane Martin Coughlan shane at opendawn.com
Wed Oct 31 06:32:01 GMT 2007

Hi Kees

Kees Cook wrote:
> As a quick aside, this isn't strictly an SELinux mailing list.  I'd like
> to certainly discuss SELinux here, but I'd also like to discuss
> AppArmor, toolchain hardening, ASLR, fscaps, and any other distro-wide
> security protections people would like to spend time working on.  :)

I very much agree with the need for discussion of a wide-range of
potential security solutions.  One must not be myopic.

> That said, I'd like to stay with topics that make sense for the ethos
> of Ubuntu, keeping ease-of-use and freedom in mind.

Indeed.  We should seek solutions for the problems at hand and in the
context of our mutual interest.


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