Grub bug report

Tim darkxst at
Fri Mar 25 05:46:41 UTC 2016

On 25/03/16 16:07, Ty Young wrote:
> Hello once again,
> So that issue that I reported a long time ago where Grub vanishes/disappears and I no longer had a boot option for Ubuntu(Ubuntu-Gnome) just
> happened again. This time I decided to get the logs from boot-repair before and after the grub install and submit a bug report to launchpad.
Grub shouldnt just disappear!
Does running "update-grub" break it? (that would get triggered from time to time on system updates)
You dual boot with Windows? Is it possible that Windows is messing with the UEFI Boot Manager? Or does it happen when you reboot from Ubuntu?
> You can check out the bug report here:
> (Also includes links to boot-repair)
You can directly attach logs to bug reports, which is preferred.
> This is my first bug report, so my apologies if i didn't do something right. Wasn't sure if I should have did "grub2" since some bug reports
> that I've seen just have "grub" or some other name combination.
It probably should have been grub2, but otherwise looks fine
> This bug happens on Ubuntu Gnome 14.04.X through 15.10. I think I also had it it happen in Ubuntu (Unity) with a 14.04 install, but not 100%
> sure.
> If anyone needs more information, I'd be glad to provide it. Since, like I said, this is really my first bug report I'd appreciate any help
> with providing more information if needed and fixing any mistakes.
> Thanks!

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