Grub bug report

Ty Young bluesoviet at
Fri Mar 25 05:07:48 UTC 2016

Hello once again,

So that issue that I reported a long time ago where Grub 
vanishes/disappears and I no longer had a boot option for 
Ubuntu(Ubuntu-Gnome) just happened again. This time I decided to get the 
logs from boot-repair before and after the grub install and submit a bug 
report to launchpad.

You can check out the bug report here:

(Also includes links to boot-repair)

This is my first bug report, so my apologies if i didn't do something 
right. Wasn't sure if I should have did "grub2" since some bug reports 
that I've seen just have "grub" or some other name combination.

This bug happens on Ubuntu Gnome 14.04.X through 15.10. I think I also 
had it it happen in Ubuntu (Unity) with a 14.04 install, but not 100% sure.

If anyone needs more information, I'd be glad to provide it. Since, like 
I said, this is really my first bug report I'd appreciate any help with 
providing more information if needed and fixing any mistakes.


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