Ubuntu-GNOME and Snaps/Flatpak

Leo Francisco lists at boywithwings.co.uk
Wed Jun 15 16:27:55 UTC 2016

Yep, I assumed that would the case for the GNOME shell itself but I was
thinking it could be more useful for the apps.

I know Ubuntu GNOME ships a lot of the older GNOME apps, Nautilus is
3.14.3 etc. Is this due to dependency incompatibilities with the Ubuntu

Sounds like a lot of work to keep stuff working when you could just use
upstream via these new package formats. Something to keep an eye on perhaps.

All the best

On 15/06/16 16:54, Paul Smith wrote:
> On Wed, 2016-06-15 at 13:29 +0100, Adam Eveleigh wrote:
>>> Snaps are already supported in the 16.04 base, you can play with them
>>> now. It's just an idea, but maybe either snaps or XDG would make it
>>> easier to run the latest version of GNOME 3 desktop/apps under Ubuntu.
>> Yes I like that idea. It could be more stable for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
>> users to use more recent GNOME applications via Flatpak rather than
>> the PPA (the PPA could be kept, but if it works well then perhaps
>> Flatpak should be the recommended option).
> First, my understanding of the GNOME3 Staging PPA is that it's a
> testing area for the next release of Ubuntu GNOME.  People using that
> PPA are, to some extent, volunteering to help test the next Ubuntu
> GNOME release.
> I think switching to snaps would defeat that purpose, unless we plan to
> switch the base Ubuntu GNOME installation to snaps.
> Second, I'm not at all sure that putting the entire desktop in a snap
> would work.  I mean, how do you get the system to start the display
> manager in the snap instead of the one on the system?  Or if you decide
> you'll use the system GDM, how do you tell it to start the desktop
> (gnome-session/gnome-shell/etc.) in the snap?  And is it always the
> case that the dbus etc. interactions will be compatible?
> The desktop is infrastructural, not a separable app that can easily be
> dropped into a container with limited access to other aspects of the
> system.  I'm not sure I see how these new-fangled package formats would
> work with something like that.

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