Ubuntu Gnome GTX 960 Support

Ty Young bluesoviet at outlook.com
Wed Feb 17 03:18:48 UTC 2016

Hello once again,

I'm going to be upgrading my graphics card from an GTX 750 TI to the GTX 
960 and was wondering what support Ubuntu Gnome 15.10 has for it and 
what steps I would need to take to ensure that I don't run into any 
issues(black screen, for example).

If it matters at all, I currently have a small issue with my install of 
Ubuntu Gnome where the only driver that will work(Open Source or 
Nvidia's) is Nvidia's 361.28. I am also using the 4.4.1 kernel.

Assuming the "recovery" boot option still works, getting to a terminal 
to do the install for Nvidia's 361.28 driver isn't an issue. Its just 
any quirks that might occur that I'm worried about(like "recovery" boot 
option not working, if its even possible for that to happen due to a new 

Thanks for any information or help!

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