Can't connect to internet

Ty Young bluesoviet at
Sat Nov 21 04:04:59 UTC 2015

Hello all,

I was wondering if someone here could shed some light as to why my wired 
connection is no longer working in Ubuntu Gnome and maybe even how to 
fix it.

The issue appeared after my ISP came to my house to fix a issue and they 
took my working router in the process. Now i can no longer connect to 
the internet besides Valve's Steam client. Browsing to any webpage 
results in a error along the lines of DNS_PROBE_FAILED_BAD_CONFIG. 
Wireless doesn't work either and gives the same error. Windows 7 
connects fine and I'm not experiencing any issues.

Any help really is appreciated. If i can't fix this I'm probably going 
to have to reinstall or stop using Ubuntu Gnome/Linux entirely(i really 
don't want to do that but what choice to do i have?)


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