Totem 3.16.4-0ubuntu2: No gear menu under Gnome-Shell

Khurshid Alam khurshid.alam at
Wed Nov 18 06:41:49 UTC 2015

I am using totem *3.16.4-0ubuntu2* under gnome-shell (Ubuntu 15.10). I
noticed there is no gear menu on it. And the gnome-shell app menu only has


Without any sort of menus, I can not

1. access preference
2. change aspect ratio
3, select subtitle

I guess, it has something to do with Unity's traditional titlebar/menubar
patch. Because in Unity, all menus are appearing fine on
the global menu. But even then it doesn't have "about" under help ( but
that is separate issue).

I will file a bug (preferably under Xenial) if anyone confirms the same.

Thank You.
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