HiDPI issues

Iban Eguia iem10393 at gmail.com
Sat May 16 20:30:11 UTC 2015

Hi, guys, I've just bought a new computer with HiDPI display, and I'm
experiencing some issues with it. I suppose that most of them will not be
related to Ubuntu GNOME as a distribution, but in any case, I wanted to sum
them up here so that you could tell me if they're related to the
distribution, to GNOME or to specific applications. And, if it is the case
that some of them could be solved from the distribution itself maybe we
could do something about it, and I include myself, as I'm finishing my IT
degree and maybe I could contribute. So, since I don't want to extend
myself much longer, here I summarize these issues:

   - Icons too small in save/load windows: Even if the icons in Nautilus
   are fine, in the load/save windows, (such as when I try to save something
   from Firefox or I open something in LibreOffice appear too small, and its
   difficult to see them properly.
   - Icons too small in some applications: In Filezilla or ProjectLibre, I
   see that the icons are really small, what leads to an unpleasant user
   experience. I think that this is only related to certain applications, so
   probably they don't fit as a bug of the distribution.
   - In some circumstances, the cursor changes to Low DPI: For example, in
   Tweetdeck in Firefox or in Telegram Desktop, the cursor, only in some
   sections changes back to Low DPI and it's shown really small. I have seen
   this happen with the zoom cursor, with the hand cursor and with the text
   - Chrome totally lacks HiDPI support: I guess this should be a bug
   report for Google, but as I'm trying to summarize all the errors I find I
   include it here.
   - Firefox does not adapt by default to HiDPI: I had to change Firefox
   settings in about:config so that web pages didn't show so small.
   - In Skype, all the interface is really small: Apart from being totally
   outdated, Skype is not adapted to HiDPI: All the fonts and interfaces are
   really small and only adapted to low-DPI. I understand this is a Microsoft
   - Spotify is not adapted to HiDPI: As it happens with Skype, it has  all
   the fonts and interfaces only adapted to low-DPI.

Of course I understand that most of these can't be seen as bugs of the
distribution, but I think that should be noted so as to understand better
what is left to do with HiDPI displays both from the distribution
perspective and from the contributors perspective. In any case, I'll try to
report most of them to the respective developer communities.
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