HiDPI issues

Alfredo Hernández aldomann.designs at gmail.com
Sat May 16 23:10:41 UTC 2015

I reckon most if these errors are because of GTK+2. All of the issues
you've listed seem to be directly related to apps not updated to GTK+3.

On 16 May 2015 22:30, "Iban Eguia" <iem10393 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi, guys, I've just bought a new computer with HiDPI display, and I'm
> experiencing some issues with it. I suppose that most of them will not be
> related to Ubuntu GNOME as a distribution, but in any case, I wanted to sum
> them up here so that you could tell me if they're related to the
> distribution, to GNOME or to specific applications. And, if it is the case
> that some of them could be solved from the distribution itself maybe we
> could do something about it, and I include myself, as I'm finishing my IT
> degree and maybe I could contribute. So, since I don't want to extend
> myself much longer, here I summarize these issues:
>    - Icons too small in save/load windows: Even if the icons in Nautilus
>    are fine, in the load/save windows, (such as when I try to save something
>    from Firefox or I open something in LibreOffice appear too small, and its
>    difficult to see them properly.
>    - Icons too small in some applications: In Filezilla or ProjectLibre,
>    I see that the icons are really small, what leads to an unpleasant user
>    experience. I think that this is only related to certain applications, so
>    probably they don't fit as a bug of the distribution.
>    - In some circumstances, the cursor changes to Low DPI: For example,
>    in Tweetdeck in Firefox or in Telegram Desktop, the cursor, only in some
>    sections changes back to Low DPI and it's shown really small. I have seen
>    this happen with the zoom cursor, with the hand cursor and with the text
>    cursor.
>    - Chrome totally lacks HiDPI support: I guess this should be a bug
>    report for Google, but as I'm trying to summarize all the errors I find I
>    include it here.
>    - Firefox does not adapt by default to HiDPI: I had to change Firefox
>    settings in about:config so that web pages didn't show so small.
>    - In Skype, all the interface is really small: Apart from being
>    totally outdated, Skype is not adapted to HiDPI: All the fonts and
>    interfaces are really small and only adapted to low-DPI. I understand this
>    is a Microsoft issue.
>    - Spotify is not adapted to HiDPI: As it happens with Skype, it has
>    all the fonts and interfaces only adapted to low-DPI.
> Of course I understand that most of these can't be seen as bugs of the
> distribution, but I think that should be noted so as to understand better
> what is left to do with HiDPI displays both from the distribution
> perspective and from the contributors perspective. In any case, I'll try to
> report most of them to the respective developer communities.
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