[Planning - Email #3] Changes to the structure of Ubuntu GNOME sub-teams

Tim darkxst at fastmail.fm
Tue Aug 4 13:37:47 UTC 2015

On 04/08/15 14:25, Ali/amjjawad wrote:
> _*B- Packaging Sub-Team*_
>   * I remember once I was chatting with Tim and he suggested, IIRC during the previous cycle, to merge the packaging team with the developers
>     team.
>   * While this is not my area, I'd find this very reasonable at the moment. Due to the fact that our manpower is very limited, I see no reason
>     nor any benefits to have 2 different sub-teams while we have no people to maintain all that nor we do have, on the first place, enough
>     contributors to begin with.
These were never meant to be separate teams as such, however the teams on launchpad are seperated to provide a heirarchy.

ubuntu-gnome-dev, gives upload rights to the ubuntu-gnome packageset, membership to this team is managed by the DMB and requires a significant
and sustained contribution to packaging in Ubuntu

gnome3-team, gets upload rights to gnome3-team ppa's, and full access to bug triaging in ubuntu-gnome (project) bugs. This managed by ricotz and
myself, and is the perfect stepping stone on the way to becoming a member of ubuntu-gnome-dev

ubuntu-gnome-packaging, is meant for all active members of the development/packaging team. This is where members from the above teams and other
active/new members are. This is basically the main team group on launchpad

So in short yes the two teams should be merged, as they were never really intended to be seperate. There is a large overlap between the two
things anyways, while its possible to be a packager without doing any development, most packagers do atleast some (even if its simpler tasks)
developer work, and most developers also do packaging work.

The above structure of launchpad teams will of course remain, since really the first two are about managing users privileges/upload rights etc,
and the third is really the combined team for both development and packaging.

>   * We can always re-add that if we need it. I see we have to drop/merge these two for this cycle.

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