No brightness slider on UG14.04

Jason S. Wagner jasonswagner at
Thu Apr 24 21:22:57 UTC 2014

A quick correction, line wrap tricked me.  This was the full command I 
was asked to run:

gdbus introspect --session --dest org.gnome.SettingsDaemon.Power 
--object-path /org/gnome/SettingsDaemon/Power --only-properties

On Thu, Apr 24, 2014 at 2:16 PM, Jason S. Wagner 
<jasonswagner at> wrote:
> Hey guys,
> First, a quick thanks for all the hard work.  I installed Ubuntu 
> GNOME 14.04 a few days after release, and it seems really solid.  A 
> lot has improved both in UG, and in the Ubuntu repositories, which 
> made this a very easy transition for me!
> I noticed last night that I don't have a brightness slider in my 
> system menu.  Previously, it appeared under the volume slider.  
> This is a Sony VPCSC (2nd gen Intel Core i5 CPU with built-in 
> graphics).  The Sony defined brightness adjust hotkeys do actually 
> alter the brightness, and I get GNOME's on-screen display that 
> correlates with it (just as I do when adjusting volume or 
> enabling/disabling the trackpad).  So, I'm not blocked from it, but 
> it's very strange that it's not present.
> I'm always idling in #gnome-shell on GIMPnet, so I quickly asked 
> about it.  Jasper asked for the output from this command:
> gdbus introspect --session --dest org.gnome.SettingsDaemon.Power 
> --object-path
> This was the output:
>     node /org/gnome/SettingsDaemon/Power {
>       interface org.gnome.SettingsDaemon.Power {
>         properties:
>           readonly s Icon = '. GThemedIcon battery-full-symbolic 
> gpm-battery-080 battery-full ';
>           readonly s Tooltip = 'Laptop battery 2 hours 50 minutes 
> remaining (73%)';
>           readonly d Percentage = 73.0;
>       };
>     };
> And this was Jasper's response:
> 13:54:44 @Jasper | It's not even exporting a Screen brightness iface
> 13:54:52 @Jasper | It's an Ubuntu bug, then.
> So, I thought I'd report it.
> Let me know if there is any additional information you need from me 
> or this machine.  If it's at all helpful, I'll be at LinuxFest 
> Northwest this weekend with this laptop.
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