No brightness slider on UG14.04

Jason S. Wagner jasonswagner at
Thu Apr 24 21:16:14 UTC 2014

Hey guys,

First, a quick thanks for all the hard work.  I installed Ubuntu GNOME 
14.04 a few days after release, and it seems really solid.  A lot has 
improved both in UG, and in the Ubuntu repositories, which made this a 
very easy transition for me!

I noticed last night that I don't have a brightness slider in my system 
menu.  Previously, it appeared under the volume slider.  

This is a Sony VPCSC (2nd gen Intel Core i5 CPU with built-in 
graphics).  The Sony defined brightness adjust hotkeys do actually 
alter the brightness, and I get GNOME's on-screen display that 
correlates with it (just as I do when adjusting volume or 
enabling/disabling the trackpad).  So, I'm not blocked from it, but 
it's very strange that it's not present.

I'm always idling in #gnome-shell on GIMPnet, so I quickly asked about 
it.  Jasper asked for the output from this command:

gdbus introspect --session --dest org.gnome.SettingsDaemon.Power 

This was the output:

    node /org/gnome/SettingsDaemon/Power {
      interface org.gnome.SettingsDaemon.Power {
          readonly s Icon = '. GThemedIcon battery-full-symbolic 
gpm-battery-080 battery-full ';
          readonly s Tooltip = 'Laptop battery 2 hours 50 minutes 
remaining (73%)';
          readonly d Percentage = 73.0;

And this was Jasper's response:

13:54:44 @Jasper | It's not even exporting a Screen brightness iface
13:54:52 @Jasper | It's an Ubuntu bug, then.

So, I thought I'd report it.

Let me know if there is any additional information you need from me or 
this machine.  If it's at all helpful, I'll be at LinuxFest Northwest 
this weekend with this laptop.
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