The microphone mute/unmute problem: It's now fixed in Ubuntu 14.04 but not in Ubuntu GNOME 14.04

Christian Dysthe cdysthe at
Mon Apr 7 22:45:27 UTC 2014


I have asked about the problem with microphone mute/unmute on Thinkpad
T430S in the past but now I have updated information on the problem:

The microphone mute/unmute does not work in Ubuntu GNOME 14.04 daily
with any kernel. I have tried with mainline 3.14 but it still doesn't

The microphone mute/unmute does not work on stock Ubuntu 13.10 and early
13.04 alphas, but it does work on the current daily Ubuntu 14.04.

This shows that this isn't merely a kernel problem. Something is now
different in Ubuntu 14.04 and Ubuntu GNOME 14.04 with regards to the
microphone mute/unmute button for many newer Thinkpads since it works in
one and not the other.

I really hope this can be fixed in Ubuntu GNOME also and not only in
stock Ubuntu before release.

I have reported my findings in the Ubuntu bug covering this issue:

And as said before, the microphone mute button works in other distros
like Fedora, Sabayon and Arch.

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