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> Good evening all,
> Good evening to you too, Marco :)

Thank you for your email :)
I am so sorry for the late reply but my inbox is FULL of emails and the
more I read and reply, the more they come.

> I am new to testing so please bear with me...

This is exactly what we are looking for. New to testing means the perfect
candidate to do tests :)

> I'm Marco van der Heide, 42 years young, from the Netherlands. For 19
> years I've been working in the IT, for almost 18 years I've been working
> with Unix and later Linux. Lately my field of work has shifted to the
> Microsoft platform (Windows, MS SQL, Visual Studio, etc), but my passion
> really goes out to Linux.

Passion is what we are looking for to build an empire we call it Ubuntu
GNOME. You have come to the right place ;)
Passion to Linux is what we share over here. You are not alone ;)

> Together with my son I play a lot of games on Steam (thanks Valve!). You
> can find us there as "".

I wish I have some time for that :(

> And today I read the announcement of Ali Linx about the need for extra
> hands on testing. So here I am trying to give something back to a really
> good product which I've been using for so long now... At home I started
> using Ubuntu GNOME as soon as it came out. (I really like Ubuntu, but I'm
> not really a Unity fan).

Thank you so much for answering my call and thanks a million for being
here. Much appreciated. Welcome Home!

> So if I ask stupid questions, just think of me as the silly guy from the
> Netherlands ...

There is NO such thing as a stupid nor silly question. The only
stupid/silly Qs are those which never been asked. So, PLEASE, don't ask if
you want to ask, just ask and trust me, we are a lovely family over here
and so friendly. I am sure you will love it :)

> Hope to see you all,
> Marco

Nice to meet you, Marco :)

Remember: "All of us are smarter than any one of us."
Best Regards,
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