[testing] A couple of bugs I found

Fran Dieguez fran.dieguez at mabishu.com
Sun Sep 29 14:01:49 UTC 2013


On dom 29 sep 2013 02:29:47 CEST, Helder Carreiro wrote:
> 1 - After Installing 3.11.1 Kernel, The applications screen (Window
> button) lags terribly. Someone recommended that I try a different
> user, and it worked properly. Seems to happen when using the
> originally created user when installing fresh Beta 2 (64bit)+
> 3.11.1Kernel.

If you don't mind loosing all your settings you can do something 
aggressive with your settings:

- Open a terminal and write
rm -rf ~/.gnome* ~/.config/ ~/.gconf ~/.cache ~/.local

- Logout your session and login again.

This is quite aggresive but it ensures that you have all the default 

> 2 - Doing a fresh install + nvidia driver install (nvidia 319 & 325
> drivers 64bit), the network connection icon shows as disconnected,
> even when I am not. This in turn doesn't allow me to turn on VPN.
> There seems to be an issue with the current nvidia driver and
> 13.10-64bit, because I cannot replicate it with 13.04 64bit+nvidia
> drivers. The most recent nvidia drivers that I can get to work
> properly with beta 2 is nvidia's April 304 series drivers using the
> Xorg-edgers/X-swat ppas. I notice a performance difference using
> 304-series versus 319-series playing DOTA2 and Left For Dead2 on
> Steam. And I don't know why the network settings panel quits working
> with a video card driver install, LOLOL

As I said earlier graphical drivers do not have any relation with 
network stack. Take notice that you are upgrading to a whole new 
version (Ubuntu 13.04 to 13.10) and that means that a lot of system 
parts has been upgraded. Particularly, network-manager has been 
upgraded. And this is what should be the source of this problem for you.

> 3 - Doing another fresh install of Beta 2 64bit + 3.11.1 Kernel, then
> testing the kernel purge (sudo apt-get purge linux-image-3.11.1*),
> upon reboot after purging, the computer goes into memtest86+ and runs
> a test. I force power off, and reboot and it goes back into memtest86+
> and starts another test. Don't know why it is doing this either.

If you uninstall the only available kernel in the system you will not 
be able to boot into your system. You have to have at least one kernel. 
That's because when you boot your computer you only have the memtest 
loader, and this one is only for testing your memory and it doesnt 
allow you to boot your computer.

When uninstalling a kernel and before reboot your computer, check if 
you have another kernel installed, for that you can do it whit the next 

dpkg --get-selections|grep linux-image

and you should see something like:

linux-image-3.11.0-9-generic			install

> 4 - I was mentioning a screensaver, but I actually meant the screen
> lock after idle. There are no settings to turn off the option of
> screen lock after idle (which was in the screensaver settings before).
> I turned it off by: [code]gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.screensaver
> lock-enabled false[/code]

Ok, that has a little more sense. You can disable this from the 

- Top-right corner of your screen, click on your name, click on 
- Go to the Brightness & Lock panel
- Disable 'Lock'


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