[testing] A couple of bugs I found

Helder Carreiro heetered at gmail.com
Sun Sep 29 00:29:47 UTC 2013

Hey Everyone,

Gonna try posting this again, was having issues with last email address.

I will post the original post I had:

1 - After Installing 3.11.1 Kernel, The applications screen (Window button)
lags terribly. Someone recommended that I try a different user, and it
worked properly. Seems to happen when using the originally created user
when installing fresh Beta 2 (64bit)+ 3.11.1Kernel.

2 - Doing a fresh install + nvidia driver install (nvidia 319 & 325 drivers
64bit), the network connection icon shows as disconnected, even when I am
not. This in turn doesn't allow me to turn on VPN. There seems to be an
issue with the current nvidia driver and 13.10-64bit, because I cannot
replicate it with 13.04 64bit+nvidia drivers. The most recent nvidia
drivers that I can get to work properly with beta 2 is nvidia's April 304
series drivers using the Xorg-edgers/X-swat ppas. I notice a performance
difference using 304-series versus 319-series playing DOTA2 and Left For
Dead2 on Steam. And I don't know why the network settings panel quits
working with a video card driver install, LOLOL

3 - Doing another fresh install of Beta 2 64bit + 3.11.1 Kernel, then
testing the kernel purge (sudo apt-get purge linux-image-3.11.1*), upon
reboot after purging, the computer goes into memtest86+ and runs a test. I
force power off, and reboot and it goes back into memtest86+ and starts
another test. Don't know why it is doing this either.

4 - I was mentioning a screensaver, but I actually meant the screen lock
after idle. There are no settings to turn off the option of screen lock
after idle (which was in the screensaver settings before). I turned it off
by: [code]gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.screensaver lock-enabled

These are full installs on bare metal PC using a Beta2-64bit Install DVD.
No VM's or installs through unebootin.
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