[Testing] Low Resolution Install Problem

Manuel Cuadra manuelcua at gmail.com
Sat Sep 28 23:28:11 UTC 2013

> Okay, let me try to understand this clearly.
> Are you trying to Install the system?

Yes! I've been doing QA Testings with three diferent machines that I have:

1. Quad Core Intel Abit IP35 Pro, Nvidia GTX260
2. Eeepc 10000H
3. AMD Athlon X 2 with RADEON HD integrated

> Did you choose "Try Ubuntu GNOME without installation" OR you chose "Install
> Ubuntu GNOME" Directly from the Boot Menu?

The QA Testing tells you to press "Install Gnome", not go into a live
session, and that's the point because the first resolution it finds is
600x800 on one of my machines, and just because of that little extra
height of the title bars on the windows it hides the buttons at the

>> Should I file this as a bug??
> Let's hold that until you reply :D
>> because there will be some people that
>> will install this on low resolution screens like Netbooks, it almost
>> seems like it needs at least 768 of height to display a complete
>> window and be able to install without problems.
> The Q is, not what kind of monitor a user may have, the real Q is what kind
> of Hardware a user is using?
> Let's keep in mind that Ubuntu GNOME is not for old machines and Notebook
> with low hardware specifications? I'd be very very interested to know how
> Ubuntu GNOME can perform on these machines :)
For the specs of my machines the oldest one is the eeepc 1000H and all
the installs work perfectly there, because it finds the 1024x768
resolution first.
I know its the monitors fault, but the normal ubuntu install does not
add the extra height on the windows so you can still see the buttons
on the screen with low resolution.

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