[testing] A few bugs I found with Beta 2

Helder Carreiro heetered at gmail.com
Sat Sep 28 18:03:19 UTC 2013

Hi All,

This is for Ubuntu-Gnome 13.10 64bit Beta2

These might have been posted already, but here goes:

1 - Upon completion of fresh install, the note to remove the install disk,
is not there.

2 - After installing kernel 3.11.1, the applications screen lags terribly.
The network icon disappeared completely. Cannot change the background,
cannot access the settings menu. The kernel was installed by itself from
fresh install.

3 - After installing video card driver install (Xorg-edgers ppa) the
network icon shows as disconnected all the time. The drivers were installed
by itself from fresh install.

4 - After upgrading to 3.10 gnome shell, The top right user access panel,
doesn't render properly.

5 - Doing a upgraded kernel purge back to stock, I get the memtest86 memory
testing screen upon reboot all the time. cannot get around it.

6 - would be nice to create desktop shortcuts from right click menu.

7 - Where is the screensaver settings?
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