Ubungut Gnome Install process got problems

António Pinto pinto.antonio at gmail.com
Wed Nov 27 11:28:57 UTC 2013

Hi Ivan,

I'm sorry your installation went bad.

I have a suggestion regarding your data. You can try and get it back
using programs like foremost (that basically tries to undelete your
data) with any Live CD Linux distribution.


António Pinto

On 26-11-2013 19:51, Ivan Vaselli wrote:
> I got a hp pavilion 15 e070sl laptop with windows 8.
> I left installed windows 8, disabled secure boot, fast boot and finally
> installed ubuntu gnome but boot used to freeze every time.
> I decided to reinsall, i selected "Delete Ubuntu 13.10 and reinstall"
> On reboot i got the same problem;
> I tried to install again but this time i selected "Other Methods"
> I then noticed that the previous instal process deleted EVERYTHING from
> the hard disk, EVERTYTHING.
> I lost a lot of work, so, please fix this bug so that others won't get
> those problems...

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