Could we have a UG technical status?

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> Hi all,

Hi Romuald,

> Even if I didn't read everything, I've seen a lot of messages related to
> build the UG communication staff. In my opinion, technical should come
> before communication.

Thank you so much for your feedback, I do really appreciate it :)

Please understand that there is nothing called A is much important than B
when it comes to a Young Team trying to grow up and setup itself in the way
that can handle everything in the future. Having that said, IMHO and from
long experience, I think the focus should be on both :)

And, the way to do this is quite easy. Since this is a team and not a
one-man-job or task, while there is someone who is in charge of
non-technical aspects, there is another one who is indeed in charge of the
technical aspects :)

Kindly have a read at:

You will come to know that we do need Technical People ;)

Having all the above said, please be advised to have a look at:


> Some days ago, I posted a message on the UG G+ page asking for a technical
> status about the current situation of UG, and more important, about the
> future. I've had no answer at all.

That is VERY normal and sound very logical to me.
Why? simply because Social Media are NOT meant to be for ANY kind of
Technical Support :)

May I invite you to have a look at:

It is very important to understand how each Community/Team works so that
your life will be much easier and you then don't have to wait for an answer
for a Q being asked on the wrong channel.

> Here is what I know:
> - UG 13.10 runs Gnome 3.8
> - Ubuntu 14.04 LTS plans to stay with Gnome 3.8 (2 releases behind Gnome)
> - Gnome Shell 3.10 stands in the Gnome3 Next ppa (but only the shell)
> - Some Gnome 3.10 applications stand in the Gnome3 Staging but not all (no
> Maps, nor Photos, nor Music, etc).
> If staging is for unstable Gnome version, so it should contain 3.12
> development branch, right? And 3.10 apps should have been included into the
> Next ppa, right?

Tim is the Head of Technical/Development and once he is back (he is away
until Wed), I am sure he can answer your Qs. Above all, everything will be
or should be clear after the vUDS -

> Tim sent a message some weeks ago saying Gnome 3.10 (and future versions
> as well) raises an compability issue with the Ubuntu baseline (probably
> because of the Upstart Ubuntu initiative versus the systemd used by Gnome).

That is why, Tim is the only one who can help you!

> So I think, and would really appreciate, a clarification about what are
> the UG present and future. Don't misunderstand me, I don't do UG bashing. I
> use Ubuntu on a daily basis since Breezy Badger (2006?), and I used to run
> Gnome in the previous millenium ;-). I like both of them, but to me, Gnome
> is more important than Ubuntu. And If I can't run a vanilla Gnome on an
> Ubuntu baseline, so be it, I'll switch.

No worries, I personally understand what you mean but please, wait - Rome
wasn't built in one day ;)

> Some people clicked +1 on my G+ message, so I guess I'm not the only guy
> trying to see something. I appreciate efforts to build a community (kudo to
> Ali for that), but that should come on a second time, when goals and
> roadmap are clearly stated for everyone, don't you think?
> romu

Thank you for your nice and kind words. As I just explained, both should
work together. While Tim is taking care of Development, I am talking care
of other parts and we are not alone, there is an amazing and super friendly
community behind us, helping, supporting and doing the best they could to
offer help whenever they can :)

I do hope that my answer has enlighten your path and please, feel free to
ask if you are in doubt :)

Remember: "All of us are smarter than any one of us."
Best Regards,
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