Possible cause of wine/java/mono-runtime/file-roller confusion?

Paulo Levi i30817 at gmail.com
Mon May 6 15:54:58 UTC 2013

I just did this bug report:

And in the process made some overdue testing.

The file-roller 'problem', of it insisting on being the one to open 'exec'
files seems to be caused by it's MimeType entry on it's desktop file.
So it's likely that the 'confusion' of the wine vs. mono-runtime to be the
same thing; since they both have a mimetype that associates with exec files.

What i'm finding puzzling, is WHY is GNOME3 using desktop files mime
associations BEFORE binfmts associations? It's likely (from that fileroller
stuff) that binfmts is not being used at all when clicking a exe file from
nautilus, only depending of destop files mimes. But binfmts-support package
has more elaborate detectors for false positives from files that have the
same mime (like windows exe vs C# exe) AND those associations are to
runtimes, which are 99% of the time what the user wants to run when
clicking. So depending on desktop files first (or even only?) when clicking
on nautilus seems particularly backwards to me.
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